About Union

If you desire to make a change for the better in the ecological state of our planet, 
try out your skills and reveal you potential,get to know interesting people
and fill your life with bright impressions,
then join our community and act together!


A very important event took place in the landscape industry, artistic community and design field of Ukraine: a new International non-governmental organization was registered "International Union of Landscape Creators" (hereinafter - IULC).

The prerequisites that formed the grounds for creation of IULC organization account for ceaselessly growing interest to the alarmingly precarious ecological state of our planet, the analysis that has been conducted and modern vision and perception of the processes undergoing in society and connected with the development of the landscape industry. The beneficial collaboration with the world leading landscape companies and designers has revealed the maturity and urgency of the idea to establish the organization of so large a scale, which will be capable of opening new horizons for its members.

There have appeared commonly shared and actual problems that having been defined in the field of a landscape art: they have appeared to be connected with organizational, economic and legal matters. For now, there are new trends in the development of new directions that have been recorded inside the firms with the extensive and durable experience in the creation of landscapes. Many of these firms prefer specializing in narrow areas of activity.

The most popular of the activities in the landscaping have been identified as: creation of ecologically stable eco systems, creation of the integral and harmonized landscapes with the healing and rehabilitating effect, landscape tourism, studying and finding the best approach to neo-landscapes (or their separate elements), creation of various mono- and multi- plant collections in private landscapes as well as pioneering new strategic directions in franchising programs, etc.


The main principals that we employ in the activity of our organization are:

sustainability vs. distraction, encouraging initiative, result-oriented, creativity and openness.

We believe that only in the structure like IULC, with adequate planning, exchange of experience, knowledge and ongoing information between the members of the organization and with the effective coordination of work of landscape specialists, the collective synergy will effectively transform into sustainable and positive result! We invite you to join us in order to direct this energy to create what will be new and to restore that was lost - in the name of Nature, Human and the planet Earth!