Benefits of IULC membership


Benefits of IULC membership

It is well known that the association of any kind of activity provides unquestionable advantages. Uniting people synergicly put together their:
- efforts
- talents
- energy-
- goal achievement aspiration.


Creation and development of our Union also correspond with this statement. Our efforts put together and increase many times over!


Aside from that the International Union of Landscape Creators is the first international non-governmental organization in Ukraine uniting professionals who working and relating to landscape art.


Therefore we appeal to You - creative, motivated, searching for and acting people, working in the field of landscape business, natural design, flower production, nursery activity and other types of activity related to the creation, development and protection of green cover:




Joining the International Union of Landscape Creators You will receive the following benefits:

- confirmation of Your personal status as a member of international organization,

- possibility of preferential participation in exhibitions and extension of promotional material distribution area,

- participation in seminars and conferences held by the Union and its partners at discounted prices,

- access to the information base created by the Union, receiving of newsletters,

- possibility of preferential participation in the thematic landscape tours and other trips aiming to review of parks, gardens and nature reserves in the world and Ukraine

- opportunity to participate in the implementation of joint projects which involved different specialists,

- participation in tenders, grants offered to public organizations,

- possibility of professional interests defense and obtaining of legal advice and assistance,

- assistance and support of Your colleagues from different regions, exchange of information with a lot of Your like-minded persons!


Hope for favorable cooperation!