1.1. The public organization "International Union of Landscape creators" (according to the text of this Regulations - Organization) is a public association created by the decision of the General Meeting of Founders, the Protocol No. 1 from 21/01/2011, the activity of which is legalized by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, certificate of state registration of public associations No. 3566 from 18/04/2011 and operates under the Regulations, approved in the new version of Regulations by General Meeting, Protocol No. 3 from April 24, 2012.

1.2. The organization is a legal entity from 23/05/2011, registration number of the legal entity in the Unified State Register is 10088098991, and a legal entity identification code is 37653389.

1.3. The organization was formed by means of association of citizens of Ukraine and other states-founders, based on the common interests, for the joint realization by citizens of their rights and freedoms. The founders are those persons who were present at the General Meeting of the founders and who decided to establish a public association in accordance with the civil list in the Protocol No. 1 from 21/01/2011. The powers of the founders have ended after the legalization of the social organization.

1.4. The organization is governed by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine on the activities of public organizations.  By other current legislation of Ukraine and those countries on the territory of which the local branch offices of the Organization can be made, and by this Regulations.

1.5. The organization operates on the basis of voluntariness, self-management, lack of property interest of its members, the equality of its members, equality before the law, rule of law, clearness, openness, publicity and free choice of the territory and area of business.

1.6. The organization is a non-profit organization, which was founded as a non-profit organization the primary purpose of which is not to generate profits for its subsequent distribution among the members of the Organization, and acquires the status of a non-profit organization in accordance with a current legislation of Ukraine.

1.7. The organization has its own accounts, including foreign currency accounts in banks, its own stamps, seals, forms, symbols and other details to be approved by the Board and recorded in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

1.8. Full name of Organization:

in the Ukrainian Language: Public organization "International Union of landscape creators"(Publichna Organizacia"Mizhnarodnyj sojuz tvorciv landshaftiv");
full name, in the Russian Language Public organization "International Union of landscape creators" (Obchestvennaya Organizacia "Mezhdunarodnyj sojuz tvorcov landshaftov")

short name in the Ukrainian language: PO "International Union of landscape creators"(GO "Mizhnarodnyj sojuz tvorciv landshaftiv");

short name in the Russian Language: PO "International Union of landscape creators"(OO "Mezhdunarodnyj sojuz tvorcov landshaftov");

1.9. The Organization has the exclusive right to use its name. The use of the proper name of the Organization by natural or legal persons that do not belong to the Organization without the consent of the Organization for purposes which are not related to the activities of the Organization is prohibited.

1.10. The Organization is responsible for its obligations with all the property it owns on which claims can be adverse in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation, and does not bears responsibility for the obligations of its members, and members are not liable for the obligations of the Organization.


2.1. The purpose of the Organization is restoring and improving natural environment, creating an environmentally sustainable and balanced landscapes and its conservation and the protection of legitimate social, economic, artistic, cultural and other rights and interests of the members of the Organization.

2.2. For achievement of the objectives of the Organization, in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and international requirements, it performs the following tasks:

2.2.1. the implementation of rights protection and legitimate interests of the Organization by providing them with comprehensive assistance, representation of their interests in front of all public authorities, enterprises, societies, organizations and institutions of all types of property to individuals and associations of different kinds, including other countries;

2.2.2. the representation of rights and legitimate interests of the Organization members by means of independent organization, organization of support of the participation of individual members and involvement of Organization directly on the behalf of its members in the international, governmental and non-governmental programs and projects, exhibitions and conferences and other various activities, aimed at achieving of the objectives of the Organization;

2.2.3. the assistance in comprehensive development level of landscape art as a science and art;

2.2.4. the assistance in creation of objects of landscape architecture and garden art;

2.2.5. the assistance in innovation in the field of landscape art;

2.2.6. the promotion of positive attitude and interaction between man and nature;

2.2.7. the assistance in the establishment of a network of regional environmental education, exhibitional and productive  landscape or (garden) centers;

2.2.8.the collection, processing and dissemination of information on climate change and related environmental, economic, technological, social, political and other issues;

2.2.9.the assistance in scientific researches on the protection of the environment;

2.2.10.the  assistance in environmental monitoring and to independent environmental assessment;

2.2.11.the study of the influence of environmental factors on human health;

2.2.12.the participation in the Ukrainian and international competitions in landscape design;

2.2.13.the formation of creative professional groups in Ukraine and abroad in the field of landscape design;

2.2.14. the participation in the development and study of ecological ways of management (as the rational use of natural resources, energy conservation and use of alternative energy sources, problems of the agricultural sector and recycling solving, ecologically clean production and transport);

2.2.15. the assistance in development of natural and reserve fund at the international level;

2.2.16. promotion of training and/or education programs on the formation of stable natural landscapes;

2.2.17. the distribution of information of cultural and educational value;

2.2.18. the assistance in the practical implementation of national, regional, local and international programs aimed at improving the spiritual, cultural, social and economic and political conditions;

2.2.19. the promotion of science and education development, the implementation of scientific and educational programs;

2.2.20. the assistance in creation of Code of Ethics for Landscape creators;

2.2.21.the assistance in creation of ecological tourism in Ukraine and other countries;

2.2.22. the assistance in the development of international cooperation in the field of environmental protection;

2.3. For achievement of the goals and objectives of the Organization in accordance with the law, it performs the following types of activities that do not provide a profit according to the norms of the laws which govern their activities, in particular:

2.3.1. an activity in which the Organization, on its own behalf, acts as a member of civil relations, acquire property and non-property rights in accordance with the law; activity related to the protection of rights and legitimate interests of the members of the Organization, in particular, providing them with comprehensive assistance, represents their interests before all public authorities, enterprises, societies, organizations and institutions of all types of property and before individuals and various associations, including those of other states;

2.3.3. an activity, contributing to the solution of social problems and issues through public education and public exposure for the restoration and improvement of the natural environment, creation of an environmentally sustainable and balanced landscapes and their preservation, in particular, in provision of educational, cultural, scientific, educational, social and other similar services for public consumption in the areas in which the Organization realizes all above mentioned objectives;

2.3.4. an activity in selling by the Organization, as a non-profit organization, goods, works and services which promote the principles and ideas, for protection of which the Organization was created and closely related to its core business, subject to conditions regarding to the pricing policy, established in the activities of a non-profit organization;

2.3.5. an activity on attraction of  financial, material, intellectual and information resources, needed for the implementation of its programs, projects and other measures, to ensure the implementation of the statutory goals of the Organization;

2.3.6. an activity related to the financing of fund raisers, projects, programs administered by the Organization, made both independently and participates in the financing of such events in conjunction with other community organizations, charitable foundations, companies and institutions;

2.3.7. an activity related to the ideological, organizational and financial support of other associations of citizens, assisting in their development, the creation of institutions and organizations; activity for the preparation and holding of conferences, symposia, round tables, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, presentations, competitions and other events, including Ukrainian and international, on the subject related to the purpose of the Organization activity:

2.3.9. an activity related to the organization and implementation of social movements to protect the environment and ecology, with the implementation of its own activities and support of organizations who support communities and areas of environmental management (management of natural resources, energy conservation and usage of alternative energy sources, solving of problems of the agricultural sector and recycling, ecologically clean production and transport);  activity related to the organization of their own measures and/or participation in the activities of other individuals associated with a common interest in ecological tourism in Ukraine and in other countries;

2.3.11. an activity on closer cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign governmental and public organizations, foundations, academic institutions, enterprises and organizations in the restoration and enhancement of the natural environment, creating an environmentally sustainable and balanced landscapes and their conservation;

2.3.12. implements and/or participates in the organization of consultations, training seminars, courses, lectures and other educational activities, publication and distribution of printed materials, radio, TV shows and films, creating with the aims and objectives of the Organization, taking into account the status of a non-profit organization while participating in such kind of activity.

2.3.13. participates in the manner prescribed by law, in the drafting of legal acts issued by the executive authorities, authorities of Crimea, local authorities and deals with the issues and scope of activity of the Organization and important issues of state and social life;

2.3.14. in order to exchange the experience it helps to its members to organize travels abroad and to entertain foreign and public business representatives in Ukraine;

2.3.15. enlists the work associated with the implementation of the regulations issues of the Organization, qualified professionals, including foreign ones;

2.3.16. distributes information and promotes their ideas and goals;

2.3.17. provides international relations, promotes the organization and participates in the international, cultural and educational activities, scientific and practical conferences, seminars, concludes agreements with international and foreign voluntary and charitable organizations without a purpose of getting any profit.

2.4. The organization may carry out business activities directly through the created by the Organization legal persons, if such an activity is not the main activity of the Organization, and may meet its objectives and contribute to their achievement.

2.5. The organization can be a party to litigation in the courts in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and acquire the procedural rights of the plaintiff, defendant, third party or other party, can be the member of judicial process and bear the corresponding obligations.

2.6. The Organization can receive information from the government and administration and local self-government, necessary for the implementation of its goals and objectives, it can participate in the implementation of a regulatory policy and make proposals to the authorities and governing bodies, delegate its representatives to the membership in consultative way - advisory bodies on issues consistent with the purposes and objectives of the Organization, formed by the executive authorities and local self-government.

2.7. The organization has a right to the procedure, stipulated by the legislation, to establish other entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial communities, which are needed to achieve the statutory goals and objectives of the Organization.

2.8. The Organization exercises all the rights provided for public organizations by laws of Ukraine and the laws of the States on the territory of which this activity extends to.