Directions of development

Directions of development:

1. Cooperation of Ukrainian regions and international co-creation:

- Cooperation and co-creation, joint research and development, realization of programs with specialists in related fields of knowledge in Ukraine and abroad,
- Landscape tourism, review of outstanding landscapes of Ukraine and the world,
- Exchange of information and plants.


2. Ecological and landscape type of activity:

- Promotion of the ideas about necessity of sustainable plantation and landscape creation, educational work to explain the benefits of sustainable, close to natural groupings and landscapes;
- Research and development of methods for such landscapes creation,
- Travel arrangements for exchange of experience in building sustainable landscapes, acquaintance with recognized national and world renowned masters, visiting of specific gardens, nurseries, exhibitions;
- Promotion of knowledge about the natural landscapes and ecosystems in Ukraine (typical, unique and rare), their characteristics and ways of saving.


3. Information and educational type of activity:

- Establishment of the Advisory and Information Center in the field of landscape activity;
- Creation of specialized library in electronic form (on digital media) about landscape art, greenery, landscaping, ecological and nature preservation activity;
- Organization of specialized training courses, in the future Advanced Training Ukrainian Center for people workign in the field of landscape development and maintenance;
- Educational activity with children and adults - conferences, seminars, thematic programs, lectures, competitions, etc.;
- Scientific research in the field of landscape creation;
- Preparation and elaboration of recommendations on topical contemporary landscapes (for children, for rent, under some special functional use, sustainable ecoplaces, land improvements along the highways and recreational areas near the traffic flow, healing, annual, night landscapes, integrated solution to the territories under townhouses, memorial ritual, sacral, restaurant buildings, suburban offices, etc.);


4. Action-oriented type of activity:

- Organization of network of exhibition and production, ecological and education landscape / garden centers with shopping and exhibition areas under goods and services for landscaping;
- Organization of forums about landscape art, thematic seminars, exchange of experience, the best discoveries and solutions, review of latest technologies, new building materials, equipment and devices;
- Visiting of the outstanding landscapes and park monuments of landscape architecture in Ukraine, making the recommendations for their improvement, preparation of recommendations and proposals to city condition optimization in Ukraine,
- Formulation of regulatory documents in the landscape industry and participation in the relevant law drafting;
- Publishing (methodical literature, monographs, information selections, periodicals, selections of the best implement projects recognized by experts, etc.), including international publishing (joint projects, publications, translations)
- Organization of periodic exhibitions, festivals, competitions, etc.;
- Establishment of the permanent national exhibitions on the theme of landscape design and exhibition ecosystem network, natural sustainable gardens and landscapes in the different regions and climatic zones of Ukraine,
- Participation in the study and development of restoration and preservation methods for ideal landscapes.


5. Commercial and advisory type of activity:

- Elaboration of new commercial activity directions in the field of landscape art, support of business plans and franchise programs;
- Assessment of landscapes value especially in cases of processing / distribution of inheritance, donation, value growth of plantation (landscape) with the time - at the conclusion of sale contracts;
- Participating in the trial of Arbitration Court on landscape creation, consultation of experts (if necessary) with any disputable matters
- Job bank preparation;
- Organization of short-term creative groups for specific private or government orders and programs..