Union joining

Membership Fee Regulations

to International non-governmental organization "International Union of Landscape Creators"


These Membership Fee Regulations are developed according to the Charter of the Organization and set out the order of entry and annual membership fee payment by members of the Organization.


Article 1. General Provisions

1.1. Members of the Organization pay entry fee joining the Organization and after that continue to pay annual membership fees.
1.2. The entry fee is paid regardless of whether the applicant has ever been a member of the Organization.
1.3. Money received from membership fees is used for achievement of organization statutory goals and objectives, implementation of projects and programs, development of facilities and support of executive bodies.


Article 2. Rate of Entry Annual Membership Fees

2.1. The rate of individual member entry and annual fee is 1100 UAH. 
2.2. The rate of corporate member entry and annual fee is:

from 3300 UAH - for corporate member consists of up to 10 employees
from 5500 UAH - for corporate member consists of 10 or more employees


Article 3. Fee Payment Exemption and Privileges

3.1. Persons who are exempt from membership fee payment:
- Organization honorary members;
- Organization founders
3.2. The Board provides privileges in such cases:
3.2.1. The person who apply for membership in the Organization has significant professional achievements;
3.3. Applications are reviewed by the Board within one month.
If the Board decide to accept one's membership in the Organization, this person shall be notified about that decision.
3.4. On notification of the President the Board may decide to grant fee payment privileges to the persons who made a significant financial support to the Organization. In this case there is no need to apply for privileges.


Article 4. Order of Fee Payment

4.1. Entry and annual membership fees must be paid by the applicant within 10 (ten) calendar days after receiving the notice of organization membership admission.
The date of apply to the Organization is the date in application.
4.2. In order to confirm entry and/or annual membership fee payment the members must send payment order copy with bank mark or receipt copy to the Chairman of the Board. It's also possible to confirm the payment by any other way agreed with the Chairman of the Board.
4.3. Entry and annual membership fees are considered as paid after the inflow to the account of the Organization
4.4. If annual membership fee is not paid until the first day of next month (during month), the membership will be under consideration on the Organization Board Meeting.
4.5. Organization Board has control over membership fees accuracy.
4.6. Legitimacy of using of membership fee funds is verified by the Audit Commission at least once a year. The Audit Commission reports about results of verification to the Board and the General Assembly.


Article 5. Charity and Target Fees

5.1. Organization members and applicants have the right to transfer any amount of charity fees (over the rate of membership fees) at any reporting period for the implementation of organization statutory goals and objectives, and to give target fees for the implementation of projects and programs under the Charter of the Organization.
5.2. When paying entry, membership, charity or target fees members must clearly indicate the type of payment in the payment documents:
5.2.1. entry fee - amount
5.2.2. membership fee - amount
5.2.3. charity fee - amount
5.2.4. target fee [name of event, project, program] - amount.


Article 6. Approving and Amending Procedure

6.1. Regulations are approved by the Board.
6.2. By decision of the Board these Regulations may be amended.