"VIVAI PALANDRI" – the IULC representative in Italy.



"VIVAI PALANDRI" is the company which was founded in 1957 by virtue of affords and many years' experience of its co-founders: Roberto, Giancarlo and Selno Palandri. Today, the tradition and the power of Palandris' family are multiplied by new generations which adopted the best practices and skills from the fathers and are always ready to continue the noble practices of "green" producers. Claudio, Romeo, Alessio, Paolo, Damiano and Juliet are the equal partners of the company (each of them direct a campaign and have his own sector and competence). The company owns by 30 hectares of cultivated lands, plants of open ground, and 40 hectares of plants in containers and greenhouses. A wide range of "VIVAI PALANDRI" products, including a variety of plants adapted to the subtropical, continental and harsh northern climate conditions, is able to meet the ever-increasing demand of private clients and companies engaged in landscaping and gardening. Therefore, the transplant nursery, which successfully represents the Italy, is transported and sold to many countries...




"VIVAI PALANDRI" company has proved itself in the world market as a company that provides a wide range of services. The power, knowledge and experience of the company which are embodied in plant production, design, construction of the large parks and gardens of different kinds can also offer a great variety of garden furniture. In addition, the company's professionals will help you to organize the space competently and professionally, not only outside but also inside of your place. Among the offers of the company you can find the original solutions and beautiful elements of the interior, classical biofuel fireplaces which make you feel comfortable, granite and marble floors, a beauty of which will demonstrate the quality and uniqueness. All of this is the visual materialization of "VIVAI PALANDRI» designers' imagination, the production that was created by means of artificers' hard-work through the accumulated for many years experience and unique production methods, a competent company management and partnership as well. With love and business knowledge "VIVAI PALANDRI" creates and offers only the best to its consumers in the world of art.  At the beginning of the third millennium "VIVAI PALANDRI" bravely faces the future!








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